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(7) Shah Rukh Khan Story [Shah Rukh Khan Story]

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Meer's upbringing was totally spiritual. Even though they were not quite poor, he never bought SRK toys or took him to a Zoo. Instead, he took Shah Rukh to a round-about of the road and let him watch cars.

We will sit here. Just watch the cars passing by. If you see it the way I see it, it's very enjoyable.

One day he gave a 5 paisa coin to little Shah Rukh and let him ride on a crowded bus.

Don't be afraid. Just get off at the 10th stop and wait for me.

How thrilling it was for little SRK. He learnt from Meer how to enjoy the simple daily matters and chores with altered status of mindfulness. And how to observe things thoroughly. I believe it affected to his acting skills.

His mimicry talent is reputable and it owes to his observation skill. He unconsciously mimics the people around him superbly when he refers to what they say. We can see Amitabh Bachchan, Yash Chopra, Karan Johar, his father or mother through him like a medium. He could observe the common people closely at the quiz show KBC and it contributed a lot to his acting of Suri in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

Meer also said that...

If you always look at salts and peppers, how can you conceive the idea like going to the Moon.

Shah Rukh and Meer was a good team. Early in the morning, Meer used warm some milk for Shah Rukh. He stopped from some point and instead they started to take a walk to the milk stand and SRK drank milk from the tap.

In the evening, as soon as the dog they kept started to bark, Shah Rukh rushed out. He ran to the corner to see the tall silhouette of Meer coming back. He snatched father's bag and they walked home together.

How he wished to become like his calm, gentle and humorous father.

Fatima's upbringing was much more practical. One day when SRK was in the first grade, he had a terrible grade on Hindi. Fatima said,

If you get a full mark, I'll take you to see a movie.

SRK was not keen to study Hindi for he thought English was much more cooler than his mother tongue as a child. But Fatima's word set fire on his competitive spirit and he started to work hard on the subject. Consequently he not only got full marks but later was honored for the excellency in Hindi.

The first cinema little Shah Rukh saw at a theater on Fatima's purse was "Joshila". It's an early work of Mr.Yash Chopra who would direct numbers of legendary films with SRK later.


《to be continued》

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