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(8) Shah Rukh Khan Story [Shah Rukh Khan Story]


Feeling thrilled in the queue for tickets, dark theater, squeaky chairs and big screen. Movie theater completely fascinated Shah Rukh. His idols were Mumtaz and Saira Banu. He danced with swiveling hips to the tunes of their films from the All India Radio which was the only radio station back then.

I like Saira in the "Bhai Batur" number from "Padosan". I would get into a bathtub and perform that song.

I loved Mumtazji in the film "Brahmachari".

Shah Rukh's mimic was popular even at school. He performed Raj Kapoor at a school function upon the request of teachers. He performed drama on his balcony with friends using Fatima's sheets as curtains. He wrote, acted and directed the play there.

When he grew up a little more, he was enchanted by Amitabh Bachchan. There were long struggling disputes in Indian politics when SRK was a child. India had war with Pakistan and the dispute lingered for years and years. There were food shortages and severe poverty. Anti government movement escalated and from 1975 to 77, India imposed a state of emergency nationwide. Fatima supported President Gandhi and she attended several rallies.

Under such circumstance, Bachchan's "Angry Youngman" figure dominated from 70s to early 80s. Shah Rukh, sister Shehnaz and her class mate Amrita Singh who would become a Bollywood actress later fled to cinema halls after school. They sat on the cheapest front row which cost 1 rupee 75 paisa and watched Amitabh films. After the movie, they go to Amrita's house and talked about the film, mimicked Bachchan's lines.


Shah Rukh wanted to be like Amitabh and copied his panther-like walk and cool talks, while Amrita wanted to romance with him. These are just normal teenage dreams but what's special about Shah Rukh and Amrita is that they actually fulfilled these dreams.
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