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(9) Shah Rukh Khan Story [Shah Rukh Khan Story]

Meer had been long denied for Pakistan entry because he used be acting against the separation. He could not go home dacades. When his sister died and when his favorite brother who had a nickname "Brhamachari" died he applied for visa but rejected.

Brhamachari is one of four vedic periods of life and it's the phase from adolescence to pre-marriage period. The Brhamachari in Meer's family did nod marry for life. He sang, mimic and dance sometimes even in drag. His unique personality stood out in his Pathan family members. Meer and relatives thought SRK took over his genes.

Past mid 70s, Meer's plead of coming home before all the family would be gone was finally granted. He'd finally got the Pakistani Visa. 1978, Meer went back to the hometown tracing the road he walked over 30 years ago., this time by train and with his 12 year old son. They went to Amritsar first and then to Attari, a small border town. They walked the no-man's land to Wagha in Pakistan to enter. It was the only route to cross the border at that point of time. By the way, this border is now famous for the elaborated daily closing ceremony by the both armies.

Qissa Khawani Bazaar, Peshawar, Pakistan.jpg

Qissa Khawani Bazaar

Shah Rukh was warmly welcomed by the relatives in Peshawar. Generations of relatives were living together in a Haveli, residence including cousins in Shah Rukh's generation. He had good time frolic around like singing and dancing wearing Kajal and flowers. Female cousins hid themselves when they go out but in the Haveli they emerged their beautiful fair skinned faces with make up. Shah Rukh wen to bazaar, Kyber Pass or Kabul in Afghanistan for excursion with relatives. They spent one enjoyable month with their Pathan relatives.


Kyber Pass

Two years later, Meer and Shah Rukh visited Peshawar again. Long dusty local train ride, staying at uncomfortable hotels without reservation, trip with Meer was far from luxury. Besides, the second visit was not as carefree and delightful as last time. Relatives in Peshawar made Meer come to sign the contract stating his abandonment of the family assets. Shah Rukh noticed his father had been unusually grim but didn't know why until someone told him later. After decades of longing home, Meer was claimed to separate from his own family.

Cousins in Peshawar are proud of SRK now and some of them name their child after him. SRK treats them well when they see each other. He often comments his father is from Peshawar and he is half Pathan proudly. However, he has never visited Peshawar since the last time he went with Meer.

Coming back to Delhi brought back the daily routine. One day, Meer came home and said.

"Yaara, doctor saab kah raha hai mujhe cancer hai"

《to be continued》

《appendix: see 0:50》

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