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(11) Shah Rukh Khan Story [Shah Rukh Khan Story]

Meer Taj Mohammad Khan, the youngest freedom fighter, a never actually inaugurated lawyer, an unsuccessful businessman and a poet who didn't leave his work, died at the age of 52 on 19th of September in 1980. He could not see the son's stupendous success when he was alive.

Meer's silent body came home and Fatima made Shah Rukh go to Lady Sri Ram Collage to fetch his sister. Shehnaz was staying in a dormitory upon father's wish. She was puzzled and anxious to see her brother but they took rikshaw home. Shah Rukh looked away to avoid her asking eyes. He was told by Fatima not to tell her Meer's death until they get home for she would definitely get overly upset.

When they arrived at the house in Safdarjung, there were many people coming in and out. Shehnaz stepped into the house and the first thing she had glanced was the body of her beloved father, wrapped in white cloth lying in the middle of the room. She was devastated and completely shattered. Then slowly fell down just like an axed tree. The impact Shehnaz had at that time was so strong and she hasn't really recovered even now. It had changed the life of a healthy, intelligent, dreamy and laughter girl's life forever. She became silent and depressed ever since.

Shah Rukh did not shed tears. The eighth grade boy was made to become one of six pallbearers and he felt grown up all of a sudden. In the patriarchal society like India, losing father is undoubtedly the worst thing happen in a family. Shah Rukh was angry with the destiny who took Meer away and also felt responsible for he was the only male in the family.

When they lowered the long coffin of long Meer to lay in the pit, it rained silently as if trying to ease Shah Rukh's fury.

《To be continued》

《おまけ》 iamsrk@Twitter

30 yrs ago this day my dad died. never said wot i should be.i want to be a gentle & funny father more than any other title. miss him lots. 4:11 PM Sep 19th, 2010 via web

on days when issues surround me that need strength..i wish he was here to beat up dad was the strongest...& the handsomest. 16:16:11 via web

i dont remember my dads skin...his touch or his voice anymore. only his eyes...& his smile..full of promise that he will always be there.16:19:25 via web

one last thing before i miss my dad even more. all of you go & give a hug to ur dads once a week, without reason. fathers like that. i know. 16:27:14 via web

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