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(12) Shah Rukh Khan Story [Shah Rukh Khan Story]


Shah Rukh stopped writing poems after Meer's death. He lost motivation without father pleasantly recording his work. However, Shah Rukh could eventually manage to get over the loss of father while Shehnaz never could. He could get by mainly because of the presence of one exceptional woman, mother Fatima.

Meer's medication literary emptied the family's humble savings. Fatima continued to work day and night to make ends meet. What's exceptional about Fatima is that she kept the seemingly hard life enjoyable in a lighthearted manner.

Aunt Fatima was charming, mad and cheerful. Eccentric, energetic and always relaxed. She laughed, joked and worked hard. (SRK's old friend Divya)

She doted on Shah Rukh and by all means worked hard in order not to let him feel inferior being fatherless. She was willing to do anything for her son. Later when Shah Rukh wanted a car to drive to collage, she worked hard to make sure a car to be delivered before he entered the collage. It must have been expensive for a middle class household to own a car back then, though Fatima wanted to give Shah Rukh whatever he wished to have. It shows contrast to Meer's attitude toward materials in life.

Another thing which supported Shah Rukh's recovery was his school life at Saint Columba's. He was, as very much like he is now, energetic, flamboyant and hard working. He did great in academic subjects as well as sports because he hated to lose in any field as he does now. He was especially into sports and was a captain of soccer, cricket and hockey teams. In a boys' school and three most popular sports among boys, how a single student could be the captain of all three clubs is hard to comprehend. But apparently, Shah Rukh was such student. His body is small unlike his father but he has extraordinary reflexes. He was especially great at hockey and he could hit the goal from anywhere in the field. He was dreaming to become a representative athlete for the country.

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