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(13) Shah Rukh Khan Story [Shah Rukh Khan Story]

A boys' school in Delhi, St. Columba's school was founded in 1941. It's run by diciplined catholic brothers. It has preschool to 12th grade. vast lawn school yards, a cathedral and abundant school buildings. For SRK, the school in Mumbai which children are attending seems far too small comparing with this school. He is very thankful and proud of the education he had here.

At this school, SRK spent 13 years of golden school life. Diciplined brothers were very strict anb they scolded SRK and other students for the longer hair or finger nails when they found through sudden examination. SRK had several times sent to the local barbar shop to trim his hair. Early morning, yawning barbar was woken up to cut SRK's famous wired hair.

Sometimes students were bodily punished. Lower grade students were spanked and middle school onward were caned. SRK received some canes on his palm throughout his school life Still he loved the teachers very much. Teachers like Ms. Bala in preschool, Mrs. Rai Singh, the class teacher of 8th gradde was very gentle, Hindi Teacher Mrs. Hadam was idolized by all the boys. SRK studied Hindi hard to impress Mrs. Hadam. He also entered speech contest which could have nurtured his outstanding eloquence.

Among all those teachers, Eric DeSuza, the high school class teacher gave the biggest influence on him. Brother Eric was a monk and he was strict but at the same time he was an incredibly cool guy. SRK and his class mates often visited his room where brother Eric in shorts out of frock treated Nimbu Paani to everyone. He played western music and played the guitar well. SRK and friends sang to the guitar, listened to Rock and pop music. He even started to smoke in the brother's room.

One time, Brother Eric planned and directed a fundraising play for the new laboratory room. It was "Wiz" which is a musical based on the "Wizard of OZ". SRK played one of the main characters. He wanted to sing himself though Parash Sen in senior was chosen to sing. So he became SRK's first playback singer. Parash later became the lead vocalist of famous Indian rock band Euphoria. The performance "Wiz" was a big success. They could save enough money to build a new lab after one month of performance. This was SRK's first serious acting work.

Euphoria "Tum"

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