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SRK@Imran Khan's Wedding [Honesty & Courtesy]

SRK@Imran Khan's wedding. Around 00:10 SRK greets back to the security woman who gave namaste to him. He treats everyone with heartfelt courtesy. His quick working brain is famous but I think genuine personality shows in such small demeanor.

01:24 "I love people in love. So when I see couples in love, I get very happy."

SRK@APSARA award [Energy & Passion]

2011,January 23. SRK performed at Apsara Award. He is full of energy but has tint of sadness. He hardly smiled but oh, he is awesome!!

His dance medley from Baazigar "Yeh Kali Kali Ankhen"to Om Shanti Om "Deewangi Deewangi". The audience including colleagues were overjoyed. Apart from the controversy and competition, I think people in the industry can't help attracted to him. Karan, Malaika,Big B, Yash Chopra, S.L.Bansali, Aishwariya, Priyanka, Anushka etc. People from the respective films are shown and fun to watch. The lady who dances on her seat hard is the choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant. I think she truly love dancing. Look at the ladies are intoxicated while men with slight unpleasant expressions except the youngsters and elders who simply enjoy the performance.

"Bhangra Paale"from"Karan Arjun"
Bhangra paale, aaja aaja Let's bhangra, come on, come on
Bolo bolo bolo jindadi hai kahaan Tell me, tell me where is your soul?
Jindadi vahaan tera sang hai jahaan My soul is where you are
Zindagi mile to ise mat khona  If you find the life, don't lose it.
Jeete ji juda hamase mat hona Never leave from me while you live
Jindadi and Zindagi、kahaan, vahaan and jahaan, Khona and hona are ryming nicely
I love 90s filmy songs.


I love when he shakes his fingers at "mat khona". His hand and faint smile are deadly!(02:50)

Reharsal and making of the performance

"Ganesh Hegde ne correograph kiya hai" Ganesh Hegde choreographed
"I hope I can have strength and energy to make sure everyone gets entertained watching it.

You sure had it SRK!

SRK with Madhuri Dixit [Honesty & Courtesy]

SRK worked with Madhuri Dixit in "Anjaam" for the first time back in 1994. Although she is a couple of years younger than him, she had been working in the industry for 10 years by then. Extremely popular as "Dhak Dhak Girl" who makes your heart beats.

In the FILMFARE award 2011, they performed on stage for the first time.

She is still a heartthrob though has aged. SRK is always very polite, kind and affectionate towards women, but I think he is especially so to Madhuri and Juhi. He thinks he owes them a lot and very grateful. They are senior to him not as agewize but they have longer career. It's also a good reason for him to treat them with extra courtesy.


"I've worked with people who have helped me a lot. Most of them are ladies. Genuinely they have helped me become what I am. The people like Madhuri, Juhi. These are the people who have actually danced a step in front of me so that I can keep up. I didn't know how to dance. They've been really helpful. "

Notice how he uses present perfect tense instead of past tense. It shows his gratitude is continuous toward the ladies. However actresses are popular, their acting career is much shorter than men's and the heroin's status is often not equal to the lead actor's. It would have made big difference if he used past tense here.

They worked in "Anjaam", "Koyla", "Dil To Pagal Hai", "Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam", "Devdas" and omnibus "Gaja Gamini". Every time she comes back from the states where she lives with her family, SRK visit her to greet.


SRK@Jonathan Ross Show [Intelligence & Eloquence]

SRK is a great actor but I'm also attracted to his off-screen persona very much. I am not a native English speaker myself and I completely admire his language ability. I've learnt a lot of adjectives and adverbs he uses. He uses adverbs like "Immensely, genuinely, absolutely" often and it shows his passionate character well.

His spontaneity and wit are remarkable and reputable. Though I find a lot of Bollywood actors very eloquent, he tops it. Amitabh Bachchan, Karan Johar, Saif Ali Khan, Farah Khan(I love her accent) are all fun to listen to. I wish I could understand their Hindi conversation as well. Karan speaks fluent French and he must be fluent in Marati since he is a Mumbaikar. Indian people's language skill is amazing.

SRK on "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross"

3:52 Jonathan asks how he and Gauri treat children with religious difference of the couple.
"We've just confused shit out of them I think." Jonathan goes "Perfect answer!"

He mischievously used dirty words but it was never vulgar because everybody could tell he is a decent man.

"We respect each other. We say whatever. We have all kinds of prayers in the house." "And the other day my daughter came and asked me. Somebody asked her "Are you a Hindu or a Muslim?" So I said "Confuse them further. Say you're a Christian." "I don't know how they're gonna grow up. But one thing. They can respect all the religions I guess."

Jonathan Ross was completely impressed. He went ”he's a super star with a very good reason. What a charming guest." Charming indeed. That's our SRK.

Happy Valentine's day!! [Acting & Performing]

SRK's Valentine Message.

On Valentine's day. For boys, girls, grown-ups, young people, please have some kind of love in your life. Because it IS the most beautiful thing. The most beautiful gift God has ever given us.

It's St. Valentine's day. So, here is "Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai /I see God in You" from "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi".for lovers and lovers to be. I think this song is the supreme sublime ultimate love song. Not just between a man and a woman, but by referring God, the spirituality and purity of love excels. Something too beautiful can make you cry.

Tu hi toh jannat meri      You are my heaven
Tu hi mera junoon        You are my obsession
Tu hi toh mannat meri     You are my hope
Tu hi rooh ka sukoon      You comfort my soul
Tu hi akhiyon ki thandak    You are shade of my eyes
Tu hi dil ki hai dastak      You are beat of my heart
Aur kuch na janoon main    I don't know much
bas itna hi janoon         but one thing for sure

Tujh mein Rab dikhta hai    I see God in you, my love
Yaara main kya karoon     Tell me what to do
Sajde sar jhukta hai       I take bow
Yaara main kya karoon     Tell me what to do, my love

Rab ne bana di jodi The God made pair

Shreya Ghoshal's slow version is also superb. The situation in the film, the lyric, it's a complete tear-jerker..

TV show 「Music Ka Maha Muqabla」. SRK and Karan as guests. Shreya sings in the beginning of the medley. She points SRK when she sings the part "Tujh mein rab dikhta hai". Enjoy the killer smile as well as his dance.

[黒ハート]Happy Valentine's Day, yaar![黒ハート]

Young SRK FF Acceptance Speech [Intelligence & Eloquence]

SRK is definitely gifted with talent of speech.

Among his many excellent speeches, one of the most impressive speeches is, best male actor acceptance speech for DDLJ on filmfare. Short but very clever speech I think.

Thank you very much everybody who's been responsible for this. For me more than the award, the fact that I've been chosen amongst the elite company of great actors who I have been great fan of, Like Govinda, Amir Khan, Salman, Ajay, These are the people I have learnt from.

God how I wish I could dance ike Govinda, I could act like Amir, I could look like Salman, and fight like Ajay, That would be really marvelous. But then you just don't get everything. You just work hard,

I specially want to thank the directorial team which helped me to get this award. Amongst those are Aditiya Chopra who's so young. There's Karan Johar, there's Sameer, Ahmad, and Uday, In the morning, Aditiya called me and said "Dog, are you nervous?" and I said "yes, I'm very nervous." and I asked him " Aditiya Dog, Are you nervous?". I would like to say, every dog has day, every dog has his day. Aditiya Dog, today's ours,"

Everyone except Govinda is still top class hero. In spite of large population of India, there are only few actors who have been dominating the film industry for long years. Are fans specially loyal, or are these people so special? I'm glad I can watch SRK for long run.

Girls Love SRK <1> [Stardom & Popularity]

Female co-stars fall in love with SRK.

Priyanka and Shahid appeared in Koffee With Karan. They didn't admit or denied their relationship but apparently something is going on between the two. Shahid was terribly nervous while Priyanka kept poise and attitude.

Until Karan pronounces a name....

Karan: But with lead actors, of course you have comfortable equation with Shah Rukh.... When I say Shah Rukh Khan of course, I knew she'll blush.

Karan: Very few people know the effect he has on her. See? She is still blushing.... Can I say one more line to see your reaction, "Tujhe dekha toh yhe jaana sanam..."

Every time Karan mentions SRK, Priyanka smiles shyly and goes "please stop" weakly as if she can't stop melting. (I understand her feeling very well...;-) Shahid on the other hand doesn't look happy at all.

Karan: On some level, is that annoying, as the boyfriend?

Shahid: As the boyfriend? Would that be annoying if I had a girl friend who had the feeling like this towards somebody?

Karan:Yeah yeah yeah got the point
Shahid: Most definitely! Of course it would be.

In the Rapid Fire Round as well

If you hack the computer of the following people, what would you look?
・Shahid Personal Diary to help me understand what he is thinking about.
・Hritik It should be boring but workout log.
・Rambir Don't need to look anything. Everything is revealed through the program.

Karan: Shah Rukh?

Priyanka: Everything. I want to know everything about him.

Karan: You want to be the computer. (laugh)
Shahid: Nam toh PC hai.

Rank actors according to the Sex appeal.
Priyanka: Shah Rukh, then
Shahid: I knew it, I knew it.
Priyanka: (laugh) Shah Rukh, then Shahid, then John and Hritik, then Ranbir then Akshey.

Actually, SRK finds her very sexy as he often answers "Priyanka" when he is asked "Who is the sexiest actress?" He feels so, she feels so and they go out for shooting trip, share the screen and perform sizzling love scenes together. Still SRK has been free of any love scandals and always stay loyal husband. He says "because girls don't like good boys." and some people says he is a gay, but I think this is due to his remarkable willpower and the fear for Gauri, I mean fear to lose his family. I think his family is the heel of Achilles. Anyway, he is one in a million in every way.

Girls Love SRK <2> [Stardom & Popularity]

Koffee With Karan First season, First episode.

Karan: Just as a woman, how do you react to Shah Rukh, if you have to say something about him as a man. What would the thoughts be?

Kajol: I think No.1, the thing strikes you the most about him is that he is just super intelligent. I think that's the fact strikes you most about him. And secondly, I think he's a very very warm human being. I surely do. He's like generating warmth. Actually he is like a creator of warmth. He is creating energy and warmth, light and fun. He is the kind of person who I feel as somebody who's known him for very long time that I can depend on.。

I still enjoy this first episode most because it shows care-free, casual, affectionate comfortable chat. I think Kajol and Karan love SRK so much. Kajol even gave a significant consideration when she had to choose either Ajay, her husband or SRK, lol

Girls Love SRK <3> [Stardom & Popularity]

Apsara Award 2011

The best actress award was presented by SRK(3:45). There are unusual two winners, Vidya Balan in "Ishqiya" and Anushka Shalmer in "Band Baaja Baarat".

Initially there were only one trophy prepared so SRK jokingly said,
7:02 We have only one trophy so one of you gets the trophy and the other gets me.

Then, they imidiately went..
I'll get you.

What a swift move Vidya took!
I'm holding his hand already.

Anushka never give up,
I'll get the other side.

Finally, SRK made the two girls kiss him on his cheeks at same time!! What a nerve, what a king!

8:21 Acceptance speech of Vidiya
And THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to take the award from my heartthrob Shah Rukh Khan.

Vidya is apparently almost as crazy as Priyanka for SRK.
Koffee With Karan third season, episode 10 Rani&Vidya

Vidya said she loved KANK, then Karan went...
Karan: The film is about cheating spouses. I don't know what you'd like about it really.

Vidya: I want someone to cheat on his wife with me. Don't you understand?

Karan:(laugh) And preferably Shah Rukh Khan.

Vidya: No! I was meaning only Shah Rukh Khan. I don't care about anyone else.

She even challenged Priyanka.... I wonder how this battle will turn out.

SRK, Kids and Employees [Honesty & Courtesy]

The following video shows how SRK treats kids and employees.

◆The little girl at 1:38 is choooo cuuute!!
Shah Rukh Khan uncle, hamare jaise bachchon kelye chote filme manaye.(SRK uncle,please make some films for kids like us.)

Barry John
He worked very well with children. I mean, of course there's a child in more of us. But I think in Shah Rukh, the child is very permanent. In terms of his physicality, his energy and his willingness to have fun. To see the lighter side of things... So that means he relates well with children. ~He was a very good clown you know. Prepared to fall about all over the place and get slapped, how pies're thrown into his face.

◆To Employees
There are more than 20 employees at SRK's house Mannat. Among those, Subash Jain, Ravi Dada mean so much to him. He calls the servants "Gar ke log ---family", and treats extremely nicely.

He always says "Thank you" and "Sorry" regardless of superiority. It makes big difference. He never gets angry. I have never been yelled at for all these years. I have been working for SRK sahib for more than 12 years though It seems a lot shorter. I'd be very happy if I can work another 120 years for him. What do I want to say to him? "Have some rest",

When Ravi Dada was awarded, SRK touched his feet to show his respect.(I don't like repetition of this video though)

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