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Provoking Aamir 2 [Controversy and Pain]

OK, here is the sequel of "Provoking Aamir". If you forgot what had been covered, please take a look at "SRK Gets Angry" and "Provoking Aamir 1".
Last time, Armir criticised the genre of the films SRK stars in, this time he has something to say about SRK's fabulous communication skill.

I think that Shah Rukh's big strength is that, he really knows how to keep the media happy.

He really knows how to keep the media on his side and make personal relationships with a lot of people from the media who are in the powerful positions, interact with them. And I think that's great. That's his strength and he uses it well.

What do you say? It's somehow subtle to identify that he said with malicious intention, envy or sarcasm. However "who are in the powerful positions... blah blah" sounds very nasty. I wonder if he could ever think this can praise SRK ?

Media of course took it as follows.
He chose his words carefully giving all the credit of SRK's popularity not to his work, but to his smooth talking ways.

Aamir's comment is stupid and inadequate but I don't think the comment itself did not make SRK resent that much. He could jokingly return like following. I guess media asked him repeatedly to provoke his anger. And may be the exceptional success of "Ghajini" and SRK's shoulder pain added more irritation I suppose.

I think it's a good strategy. You take the biggest brand in the country that is Shah Rukh khan. And then use that platform to publicize yourself. I think Aamir rocks.

The problem is I can't use any other brand because there is no other brand bigger than me.

aamir tongue.jpg

In short, what Aamir said to make SRK that angry is something like,
SRK only does candy floss romantic films which appeal the audience. And he fawns over powerful media people to takes advantage. On the contrary, I take risks but get great success in return on my own work. Ha!!

Well....he really sounds nasty if you take it this way. And if he did not mean to be nasty, he must have had such a miserable skill of communication I must say. No wonder he is so unsocial.

Again from SRK's hard-hitting one-liners
"Be happy for what God has given you. Don't be unhappy with what God has given me."