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Hard Working SRK [Passion]


As I wrote in "Struggled SRK", the budget of Ra One seems to be expanding tremendously. SRK had been working round the clock on whatever work that raise money. Although we were happy to see him perform in many award functions, his emotional and physical health were concerned.

I work hard for my money(laugh). Yes, I've been working a lot. For lots of people who are doing the award functions, I enjoy turning them. Especially in a year I'm nominated. And inevitably I have a good fortune that people expect me to come and dance or perform or do something or the other.

So I'm having fun. Though I'm very tired now. I've been working round the clock in all the awards and I don't know when I'm getting sight of Jitesh and the whole Filmfare team will also expect me to do something. So I should prepare something. But I'm having fun, yeah.

SRK rarely says "I'm tired". So when he says so, he must be extremely tired. Only his smile relieves us fans.

What's amazing is that this interview was done in mid January and Filmfare award took place on 29th of January. It means only two weeks after the phase, "I should prepare something", they could create that fantastic performance with Madhuri!


SRK@IPL [Passion]


I am Japanese. We know baseball but not familiar with cricket though it's the origin of baseball. SRK bought Indian Premier League Cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders and that's fine. But when he takes long leave from shooting, I was not happy. Especially, KKR did not do well, in fact they had done miserable job for last three years and it seemed be only adding more worries and stress on him.

But this year! They are doing fine job so far. I think they are on the top rank at the moment. THIS is amazing and I am so happy for Shah Rukh.

Post game playing of SRK. It's only for fun but SRK is always enthusiastic and competitive on everything he is up to as you know.

Striking the bat instead of the ball. "How is the wicket condition?"
Wicket condition is good. Hand condition is sweaty. Next one out of the park.

He didn't stop when the lights started to dim. Eternal child in him.

Kolkata Knight Riders Anthem
"Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo Re(We'll act, fight and win)"

(1) Shah Rukh Khan Story [Shah Rukh Khan Story]

Here is my new attempt. The Life Story of Shah Rukh Khan. I started to write for Japanese readers since there are only few information of him available in Japanese . I know it has no meaning for international readers because there are numerous of such stories covered in English . So, this is just for my own sake to organize his biography and digest the information as well as the writing exercise.

The story is based on several books, interviews and documentaries. Some of them I don't even remember where I got from. So please forgive me if there are, and I'm sure there are lots, any inaccuracy or inappropriate parts. Please take it as a light-hearted attempt of an indiscreet SRK fan.

Here comes "The Life Story of Shah Rukh Khan #1" …

Meer Taj Mohammad Khan, Shah Rukh's father was a beautiful man with tall slim figure, fair skin and bright eyes. He was born in 1928 as the sixth child in a Pathan family who lived near the Qissa Khawani Bazaar(Story teller's Bazaar) in Peshawar. Peshawar was a part of the Indian Empire and ruled by the British Government back then. Meer joined the independent movement from very young age following his brothers. But the family decided to send Meer to Delhi for further study in order to get the Lawyer's certificate. Meer was 18 years old.

Next year, in 1947, the independent movement succeeded but those who wished to establish a Muslim country separated from India was determined and they created Pakistan against the wish of Gandhi and Nehru.

At the border, there were two long long processions of people crossing each other. One was Hindus heading India from Pakistan and the other was Muslims heading Pakistan from India. They left home leaving everything behind.

Peshawar is in Pakistan side and Meer's family was Muslim. However, they were persecuted by the new government because they acted against separation until last minute. Meer's eldest brother was imprisoned for seven long years since the separation. Meer's name was also on the black list and he was refused to enter Pakistan at the border. Then the India Pakistan war had started and Meer Taj lost his home town at the age of 19.

《To be continued》

タグ:Parents Meer Taj

(2) Shah Rukh Khan Story [Shah Rukh Khan Story]

Muslims remained in India were then having hard time with the Hindu fundamentalists attacking them. Meer studying in Delhi was also in danger. His classmates slept around him in a circle to protect him in the dormitory.

Meer attained his lawyer's degree when he was 21 but he never became a lawyer. Nor he didn't become a politician even though he had many offers and actively worked as one of the freedom fighters.Meer was romantic dreamer and idealist, extremely honest person. He had a great sense of humor and was liked by many but rather introverted. Not quite relevant for lawyer or politician but for a poet. He failed in some businesses for he couldn't be tactfully diplomatic or act smart.

When he was around 25, he headed for Mumbai to become an actor just like his own son. The legendary film Mughal-E-Azam was in production and he took audition of a role. When Meer was working in the politics, there were many ladies came to join his political group attracted to Meer's charm. But he couldn't get the role and he was informed to stand in the line of junior artists, extras. I guess he was too proud to either ask for the support from his powerful politician friends or successful actors from his hometown such as Dilip Kumar. He could not settle for a junior artist and strive. He eventually got sick and returned to Delhi one year later.

One day when he was 29, he saw a terrible car accident while walking near the Indian Gate with his friend. The driver crawled out and fled away from the rolled over car. Meer and his friend Major General Shah Nawaz Khan rescued women from the ruined car. One of them was 16 year old Latif Fatima Begum who had burning eyes of passion and charming dimples.

《To be continued》