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SRK@Imran Khan's Wedding [Honesty & Courtesy]

SRK@Imran Khan's wedding. Around 00:10 SRK greets back to the security woman who gave namaste to him. He treats everyone with heartfelt courtesy. His quick working brain is famous but I think genuine personality shows in such small demeanor.

01:24 "I love people in love. So when I see couples in love, I get very happy."

SRK with Madhuri Dixit [Honesty & Courtesy]

SRK worked with Madhuri Dixit in "Anjaam" for the first time back in 1994. Although she is a couple of years younger than him, she had been working in the industry for 10 years by then. Extremely popular as "Dhak Dhak Girl" who makes your heart beats.

In the FILMFARE award 2011, they performed on stage for the first time.

She is still a heartthrob though has aged. SRK is always very polite, kind and affectionate towards women, but I think he is especially so to Madhuri and Juhi. He thinks he owes them a lot and very grateful. They are senior to him not as agewize but they have longer career. It's also a good reason for him to treat them with extra courtesy.


"I've worked with people who have helped me a lot. Most of them are ladies. Genuinely they have helped me become what I am. The people like Madhuri, Juhi. These are the people who have actually danced a step in front of me so that I can keep up. I didn't know how to dance. They've been really helpful. "

Notice how he uses present perfect tense instead of past tense. It shows his gratitude is continuous toward the ladies. However actresses are popular, their acting career is much shorter than men's and the heroin's status is often not equal to the lead actor's. It would have made big difference if he used past tense here.

They worked in "Anjaam", "Koyla", "Dil To Pagal Hai", "Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam", "Devdas" and omnibus "Gaja Gamini". Every time she comes back from the states where she lives with her family, SRK visit her to greet.


SRK, Kids and Employees [Honesty & Courtesy]

The following video shows how SRK treats kids and employees.

◆The little girl at 1:38 is choooo cuuute!!
Shah Rukh Khan uncle, hamare jaise bachchon kelye chote filme manaye.(SRK uncle,please make some films for kids like us.)

Barry John
He worked very well with children. I mean, of course there's a child in more of us. But I think in Shah Rukh, the child is very permanent. In terms of his physicality, his energy and his willingness to have fun. To see the lighter side of things... So that means he relates well with children. ~He was a very good clown you know. Prepared to fall about all over the place and get slapped, how pies're thrown into his face.

◆To Employees
There are more than 20 employees at SRK's house Mannat. Among those, Subash Jain, Ravi Dada mean so much to him. He calls the servants "Gar ke log ---family", and treats extremely nicely.

He always says "Thank you" and "Sorry" regardless of superiority. It makes big difference. He never gets angry. I have never been yelled at for all these years. I have been working for SRK sahib for more than 12 years though It seems a lot shorter. I'd be very happy if I can work another 120 years for him. What do I want to say to him? "Have some rest",

When Ravi Dada was awarded, SRK touched his feet to show his respect.(I don't like repetition of this video though)

Honesty & Courtesy ブログトップ