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SRK@APSARA award [Energy & Passion]

2011,January 23. SRK performed at Apsara Award. He is full of energy but has tint of sadness. He hardly smiled but oh, he is awesome!!

His dance medley from Baazigar "Yeh Kali Kali Ankhen"to Om Shanti Om "Deewangi Deewangi". The audience including colleagues were overjoyed. Apart from the controversy and competition, I think people in the industry can't help attracted to him. Karan, Malaika,Big B, Yash Chopra, S.L.Bansali, Aishwariya, Priyanka, Anushka etc. People from the respective films are shown and fun to watch. The lady who dances on her seat hard is the choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant. I think she truly love dancing. Look at the ladies are intoxicated while men with slight unpleasant expressions except the youngsters and elders who simply enjoy the performance.

"Bhangra Paale"from"Karan Arjun"
Bhangra paale, aaja aaja Let's bhangra, come on, come on
Bolo bolo bolo jindadi hai kahaan Tell me, tell me where is your soul?
Jindadi vahaan tera sang hai jahaan My soul is where you are
Zindagi mile to ise mat khona  If you find the life, don't lose it.
Jeete ji juda hamase mat hona Never leave from me while you live
Jindadi and Zindagi、kahaan, vahaan and jahaan, Khona and hona are ryming nicely
I love 90s filmy songs.


I love when he shakes his fingers at "mat khona". His hand and faint smile are deadly!(02:50)

Reharsal and making of the performance

"Ganesh Hegde ne correograph kiya hai" Ganesh Hegde choreographed
"I hope I can have strength and energy to make sure everyone gets entertained watching it.

You sure had it SRK!
Energy & Passion ブログトップ