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SRK@Jonathan Ross Show [Intelligence & Eloquence]

SRK is a great actor but I'm also attracted to his off-screen persona very much. I am not a native English speaker myself and I completely admire his language ability. I've learnt a lot of adjectives and adverbs he uses. He uses adverbs like "Immensely, genuinely, absolutely" often and it shows his passionate character well.

His spontaneity and wit are remarkable and reputable. Though I find a lot of Bollywood actors very eloquent, he tops it. Amitabh Bachchan, Karan Johar, Saif Ali Khan, Farah Khan(I love her accent) are all fun to listen to. I wish I could understand their Hindi conversation as well. Karan speaks fluent French and he must be fluent in Marati since he is a Mumbaikar. Indian people's language skill is amazing.

SRK on "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross"

3:52 Jonathan asks how he and Gauri treat children with religious difference of the couple.
"We've just confused shit out of them I think." Jonathan goes "Perfect answer!"

He mischievously used dirty words but it was never vulgar because everybody could tell he is a decent man.

"We respect each other. We say whatever. We have all kinds of prayers in the house." "And the other day my daughter came and asked me. Somebody asked her "Are you a Hindu or a Muslim?" So I said "Confuse them further. Say you're a Christian." "I don't know how they're gonna grow up. But one thing. They can respect all the religions I guess."

Jonathan Ross was completely impressed. He went ”he's a super star with a very good reason. What a charming guest." Charming indeed. That's our SRK.

Young SRK FF Acceptance Speech [Intelligence & Eloquence]

SRK is definitely gifted with talent of speech.

Among his many excellent speeches, one of the most impressive speeches is, best male actor acceptance speech for DDLJ on filmfare. Short but very clever speech I think.

Thank you very much everybody who's been responsible for this. For me more than the award, the fact that I've been chosen amongst the elite company of great actors who I have been great fan of, Like Govinda, Amir Khan, Salman, Ajay, These are the people I have learnt from.

God how I wish I could dance ike Govinda, I could act like Amir, I could look like Salman, and fight like Ajay, That would be really marvelous. But then you just don't get everything. You just work hard,

I specially want to thank the directorial team which helped me to get this award. Amongst those are Aditiya Chopra who's so young. There's Karan Johar, there's Sameer, Ahmad, and Uday, In the morning, Aditiya called me and said "Dog, are you nervous?" and I said "yes, I'm very nervous." and I asked him " Aditiya Dog, Are you nervous?". I would like to say, every dog has day, every dog has his day. Aditiya Dog, today's ours,"

Everyone except Govinda is still top class hero. In spite of large population of India, there are only few actors who have been dominating the film industry for long years. Are fans specially loyal, or are these people so special? I'm glad I can watch SRK for long run.

Latest Interview at Lisbon [Intelligence & Eloquence]


Anupama Chopra visits SRK on the shooting in Lisbon. Candid, witty, intelligent and ripen SRK latest interview.
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