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Happy Valentine's day!! [Acting & Performing]

SRK's Valentine Message.

On Valentine's day. For boys, girls, grown-ups, young people, please have some kind of love in your life. Because it IS the most beautiful thing. The most beautiful gift God has ever given us.

It's St. Valentine's day. So, here is "Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai /I see God in You" from "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi".for lovers and lovers to be. I think this song is the supreme sublime ultimate love song. Not just between a man and a woman, but by referring God, the spirituality and purity of love excels. Something too beautiful can make you cry.

Tu hi toh jannat meri      You are my heaven
Tu hi mera junoon        You are my obsession
Tu hi toh mannat meri     You are my hope
Tu hi rooh ka sukoon      You comfort my soul
Tu hi akhiyon ki thandak    You are shade of my eyes
Tu hi dil ki hai dastak      You are beat of my heart
Aur kuch na janoon main    I don't know much
bas itna hi janoon         but one thing for sure

Tujh mein Rab dikhta hai    I see God in you, my love
Yaara main kya karoon     Tell me what to do
Sajde sar jhukta hai       I take bow
Yaara main kya karoon     Tell me what to do, my love

Rab ne bana di jodi The God made pair

Shreya Ghoshal's slow version is also superb. The situation in the film, the lyric, it's a complete tear-jerker..

TV show 「Music Ka Maha Muqabla」. SRK and Karan as guests. Shreya sings in the beginning of the medley. She points SRK when she sings the part "Tujh mein rab dikhta hai". Enjoy the killer smile as well as his dance.

[黒ハート]Happy Valentine's Day, yaar![黒ハート]

CNN on Om Shanti Om [Acting & Performing]

CNN documentary on Om Shanti Om shooting.

SRK's tardiness is world famous.

Like I said this is easy shooting. It's our own film. We'll finish today. Our logic is If we don't we will do it tomorrow.

He sure is taking it easy but the staff seem a bit impatient.

Still shooting the "Water" and today Shah Rukh will be almost nude. The shirt is gonna go off today. If I get desperate tomorrow, the pants will go off too.

I love her jokes.

After 10 buckets of water, it wrapped.
It's not important if I'm happy. People have to be happy. I'm always happy.

4:50 Press conference in London
I'm not a fool so think that when somebody sees the typical bollywood film the first reaction is "Oh God, It's too long! Songs? You guys do songs? It's so kitsch!" We know you find our cinema a little different. But we are here to tell you please love the difference.
6:53 London premier
So this is what we live for. And this is what makes me want to make more films and tell stories. I'll go back home and start the film all over again. And make sure all these people are happy. Because they love me so much.

We are chosen by the audience you work for. You are employed by them. They hire you and fire you. So I hope my employers will be happy with me for a long long time.

Grungy Look on SRK [Acting & Performing]


Scruffy, grungy look of recent SRK with hair extension and stubble.


He looks hot a way...?


Well... I'd say It's gonna rock on screen for sure.

Anyway, he is quite irritated and I don't blame him.

"It's a real problem maintaining such strings of hairs attached. I haven't shaved for so many days. I have huge respect for women, but really want to ask them how they maintain their long hair."

"I wake up in the morning and have to set it. I can't take a proper bath. They had to be washed with care. I am really, really looking forward to the shooting of 'Don 2' to wrap up,"

タグ:interview Don2

SRK Hosting Mughal-E-Azam Documentary [Acting & Performing]


SRK is hosting the documentary of the 60's legendary cinema "Mughal-E-Azam". SRK has a lot of memory with his family regarding this grandeur film. The documentary is mainly in Hindi but many actors speak English and it's still enjoyable without understanding the dialogue much. Still you can be grateful for it's such a spectacular and gorgeous film.

SRK'is favorite dialogue from the film. (Credit: Palacerani at
"Salim tumhe marne nahin dega aur Anarkali, hum tumhe jeene nahin denge".

These words were uttered by Emperor Akbar to Anarkali, a dancer with whom his son Salim was in love. Akbar imprisons Anarkali and tells her:

"Salim won't let you die and Anarkali, I won't let you live".
My heart smiles because he says this dialogue so joyously.....

SRK on Indian Films [Acting & Performing]


Interview at BAFTA (The British Academy of Films and Television Arts) in 2006. SRK talks about how he perceives Hindi Films to Gurinder Chadha, the director of "Bend it Like Beccham".

I used to be a part of theatre. And one thing we were taught was you never isolate the emotions. So if you are only happy. You don't just be happy. Where other emotions are running parallel to the happiness. Somehow as an actor, you should capture that. I would say Indian films are like that but a little more in your face.

Like a cabaret dancer or the variety show presenter. Where you are supposed to sing and dance and make everyone have an entertaining time. When I was younger and stupider, I used look down upon Indian films. "There's no character!". But it is awfully difficult to really convince yourself to dance around trees and look sort of ...still relevant.

G: You do it awfully well, Shah Rukh, doesn't he? (laugh)

I genuinely believe... I mean I'm not giving the importance to the acting in India. I think there are so many wonderful wonderful actors all around the world But it IS like a workshop for an actor.

To be able to do this, suddenly cry and dance on top of the train then head off toward a bad guy and jump from the building and quickly go to your mom.....whatever.


Ra.One Teaser and Trailer [Acting & Performing]

The first 10 seconds teaser has been out for SRK's VFX film Ra. One.

This is longer version.

I am personally not a great fan of action or VFX films and I get out of breath watching these teasers. Having said that, SRK looks fantastic here and I strongly hope this film will do stupendously well. He is spending his life for this dream project of his. And I also hope this film will release in Japan. We DO need a superhero now.....

In Hindi, they pronounce Ra.One Raavan for they don't distinguish wa and va. Raavan is same as the Mani Ratnam's film and the name of the king of Lanka in Ramayana. So Ra.One is the villein performed by Arjun Rampal and SRK is G.One the hero which is pronounced Jeevan meaning life in Hindi. SRK also said they are from "Random Access No. One" and "Good One". I adore Indians for their talent of artful puns.

By the way, SRK came back to twitter and these promos were released on my birthday!(*^ ・^)ノ⌒
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