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Maula Mere Lele Meri Jaan [Songs & Scenes]

Maula Mere Lele Meri Jaan         (Music: Salim – Sulaiman, Lyric: Jaideep Sahni )

Teeja Tera Rang Tha Main To    I used be your third color
Jiya Tere Dhang Se Main To    I have lived following you
Tu Hi Tha Maula, Tu Hi Aan    You were my master, my pride  
Maula Mere Lele Meri Jaan     Load, take my life away

Tere Sang Kheli Holi         I enjoyed Holi with you
Tere Sang Thi Diwali         Had Diwali with you
Tere Anganon Ki Chhaya      Your courtyard gives shades
Tere Sang Sawan Aaya       You brought rain

Pher Le Tu Chahe Nazaren Chahe Chura Le  If you ignore me let it be
Laut Ke Tu Aayega Re Shart Laga Le      You will come to me in the end

In "Chak De! India" when Kabir Khan had to leave his house with his mother, this song is played. Heart wrenching melody and lyric. His acting was superb. The third color here is alleged to mean Islam. So this is singing to India, the motherland.

In my opinion, "Music Ka Maha Muqabala"'s contestant Rahman Ali sings even better than the original Salim Merchant. Please take a look at the follwing video. It wrenched my heart even before knowing the lyric. And look how SRK gets emotional as well as audience. Shankar shows his applause to Rahman by jumping out of his judge seat. Indian people show their appreciation towards art, music and acting quite directly and I love it.

If SRK steps into a time machine? [Songs & Scenes]

In this interview, he looks so exhausted. But when it comes to Old Hindi films, he is all smile. He must have a lot of good memories with his mother on old films.

Q. If you are to step into a time machine, which actress would you like to romance in Bollywood?

Lots of them. I think Madhubala. I think she's gorgeous, beautiful. Saira Banu, my all time favorite. Saira Banu ji."

And Rekha ji. You know I'd like to go and romance with her. Or whatever chance I got in terms of the role of acting with her.

I'll go and take some time machine and do one of the songs. "Pehle De Do Mera Paanch Rupaiya Baarah Anna" with Madhubala. I'd like to do that one, yeah. 
Here is the tune he'd like to do with Madhubala,

The song is from the film ”Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi ”. It was released in 1958 when SRK was not even born. Mommy's influence is huge on him..Saira Banu's bath songwas nice too. But this one is cute. I love singing, listening and watching retro filmy songs. Love the part "Panchee rupayaa bhala anaaa ahahaha". Sounds like yodel.

The hero of the film is Kishor Kumar. Retro filmy song lovers should know his name as a fantastic play back singer, You can tell that he was a great actor too. His move tells me what SRK' studied when he does "Dhoom Taana" in Om shanti Om.

From 6:05, SRK and Rani are dancing to this song at Kishor Kumar's tribute concert. Enjoy!

I love classic Hindi films. However, there are too many films to choose good ones. I don't know what I should watch. I am trying to follow what SRK mentions. I watched "Hum Dono (1961)" for he sang the song "Abhi Naa Jao" and I enjoyed the film very much. I wouldn't have boring life when I'm older. A lot of Hindi films to watch. I'm looking forward to retirement.
He clearly said that he is not lip-lock kissing with Kareena in Ra. One. Relieved to hear it.
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