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SRK gets angry [Controversy and Pain]


Articles up to now only showed how honest and humble SRK is. How perfectly virtuous he is. But I think he is not a saint. He is an educated decent person who is trying to be as virtuous as possible. I think he has naughty, childish, jealous self and what is great about him is that he notices it.

Following is of 2009 interview where SRK gets mad at what Aamir Khan said about him.

I think he should talk about himself, not about me. I think he should restrict it to praising his film, praising himself and not talking about my PR or my marketing.

What he does I don't question. I think he's wonderful. I've always praised and said that he is really a fantastic actor, he does his job very well, he is conscientious.

I don't think he should get into the territory of what I do. Because he doesn't know me well enough to comment on that. And I don't like it.

He named a dog after me, which is OK. I said OK that's a joke. So , XYZ things, when they say, it's alright. But beyond that, I think he should restrict it to himself.

I also wonder why I play on his mind so much. He should do his job. He is working hard. Time to work hard, continue with what he does and be happy for what God has given him(me). Don't be unhappy for what God has given me. He should enjoy what he has so than not enjoying what others have. I'm not here to taking nonsense from anyone.

In the beginning, he was rather calm. But gradually he gets more and more angry. It's a reasonable anger . And up until here you can even call it decent.

I'm not Billu, and I don't think I need to cut anybody's hair to become famous. I just act to be famous, I just be in a movie to be famous. I walk, and I just breath to be famous. I just have to be, to be famous. I don't need to cut anybody's hair to become famous.

I think this part, his anger carried him away too far. He is also criticizing Armil's PR himself. And his deriding tone of not needing to cut somebody's hair bothers me.

What Aarmir said to make SRK this angry? Wait for the next entry.……<To be continued>

Provoking Aamir <1> [Controversy and Pain]


This is to see how Aamir Khan's remarks caused SRK's anger.

*Background Knowledge:
SRK actually doesn't like romantic films.
・He prefers to be recognized in other genre such as action, comedy or social issues
・He recognizes that he became the King of Bollywood because of the romantic films.
・He understands audiences' preference because he'd love to see Sean Connery as 007 knowing he is great actor and capable for any roles.
He has fear of failing in other genre. Like his challenging films such as Asoka, Phil Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani, One 2 ka 4 didn't do well at the box office and they were financially saved by the success of romantic Chalte Chalte.
In fact, he does star in varieties of films other than romantic films. Especially when Aamir commented like following, he had succeeded in the series of completely different types of films such as Chak De, OSO, Don.

I think Shah Rukh works in his style. He likes to do romantic films. ...He likes to do a certain kind of cinema which he does very well. And he stays within the limit of that so he does mostly romantic films.

And he likes to work with certain kind of people. And he is very good at that. I think he keeps audience very happy in that way.

I have totally different way of working. I don't play safe at all. I'm happy to take risks. I go with my instinct. > In fact I feel that cinema is something that story telling. Each time I would like to tell different story. I don't want to tell same story again and again. I want to tell different story each time. It's challenging for me. It's exciting for the audience.

Neither of us is right or wrong. I mean each one has their own way of working, and priorities. Both of us are successful. So I think there is no issue.

In summary, the following were what touched SRK's nerve I assume:

Aamir's prejudice of SRK liking romantic films.
Aamir's prejudice of SRK's mannerism.
Aamir's self-applause of taking risks and succeeding everytime (as the contrast to above).

<Not so pleasant subject but more to come>
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Struggling SRK [Controversy and Pain]

2009 was as if a cursed year for SRK.

It started from the spat with Farah. Then he had to remove "Barber" from "Billu Barbar" due to the protest from Hair Stylist's Association. It was a nice little hart warming story but the budget expanded too much so consequently it did not do as successful as it was expected.

His IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders finished the season with terrible record,and he was detained at an American air port for he was suspected to be a terrorist.

The worst problem was the shoulder injury during the shooting of "Dulha Mil Gaya". He was supposed to do only a cameo for the director whom he feels grateful for helping him during his early career. But the role was eventually expanded and SRK as usual did his best squeezing time from his busy schedule. Then the accident happened and his left shoulder was badly damaged. . He had to go under operation again. It postponed Ra.One schedule as well as the completion of MNIK
I don't want to calculate how much loss it caused him for these two films happened to be two enormous budget home production films. I assume he has been working hard for many stage performances and the TV program like "Zor Ka Jhatka" because he needs to make money.

I've got hurt. I've been injured. And I was a little depressed because you know when you're injured, and someone like me who loves to be active, moving around, doing work it was very depressing.

Because I kind of got the capacity I'd already started "Khan". So I kind of just about finished it without too much problems. But, yeah last four months I got really depressed because even after finish "Khan", I didn't know what to do I couldn't shoot. My doctor said to wait til Feb before I actively start shooting.

So Insha Allah in the next two days I'm gonna do my final test. I'm feeling good so I think I'm alright and I should start working now.

If it was an ordinary person, he would have wanted to forget about the bitter experiences, but he is no ordinary man.
1:55 You should never forget the failure. If you forget the failure, you should never succeed. So 2009 is the most memorable year for me for being completely screwed up. So I'll make sure I'll never forget 2009 so it never ever happen again to me. I don't like to lose.

The ones that go wrong should be never forgotten. The ones that go right have the life of their own and they should be forgotten they'll take care of themselves. So I think it was the most memorable year for me. I tell everyone that success will never be able to teach you anything.

His resilience and persistence are a part of the reasons which made him King of Bollywood. However, he made us fans worried by working hard around the clock having wounds all over the body. And to me, the fact he often wears shades in public recently shows his emotional vulnerability. He seems to be in need of getting healed in many ways.

I strongly hope the outright success of Ra.One will sweep all the negativity away!

Provoking Aamir 2 [Controversy and Pain]

OK, here is the sequel of "Provoking Aamir". If you forgot what had been covered, please take a look at "SRK Gets Angry" and "Provoking Aamir 1".
Last time, Armir criticised the genre of the films SRK stars in, this time he has something to say about SRK's fabulous communication skill.

I think that Shah Rukh's big strength is that, he really knows how to keep the media happy.

He really knows how to keep the media on his side and make personal relationships with a lot of people from the media who are in the powerful positions, interact with them. And I think that's great. That's his strength and he uses it well.

What do you say? It's somehow subtle to identify that he said with malicious intention, envy or sarcasm. However "who are in the powerful positions... blah blah" sounds very nasty. I wonder if he could ever think this can praise SRK ?

Media of course took it as follows.
He chose his words carefully giving all the credit of SRK's popularity not to his work, but to his smooth talking ways.

Aamir's comment is stupid and inadequate but I don't think the comment itself did not make SRK resent that much. He could jokingly return like following. I guess media asked him repeatedly to provoke his anger. And may be the exceptional success of "Ghajini" and SRK's shoulder pain added more irritation I suppose.

I think it's a good strategy. You take the biggest brand in the country that is Shah Rukh khan. And then use that platform to publicize yourself. I think Aamir rocks.

The problem is I can't use any other brand because there is no other brand bigger than me.

aamir tongue.jpg

In short, what Aamir said to make SRK that angry is something like,
SRK only does candy floss romantic films which appeal the audience. And he fawns over powerful media people to takes advantage. On the contrary, I take risks but get great success in return on my own work. Ha!!

Well....he really sounds nasty if you take it this way. And if he did not mean to be nasty, he must have had such a miserable skill of communication I must say. No wonder he is so unsocial.

Again from SRK's hard-hitting one-liners
"Be happy for what God has given you. Don't be unhappy with what God has given me."

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