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(1) Shah Rukh Khan Story [Shah Rukh Khan Story]

Here is my new attempt. The Life Story of Shah Rukh Khan. I started to write for Japanese readers since there are only few information of him available in Japanese . I know it has no meaning for international readers because there are numerous of such stories covered in English . So, this is just for my own sake to organize his biography and digest the information as well as the writing exercise.

The story is based on several books, interviews and documentaries. Some of them I don't even remember where I got from. So please forgive me if there are, and I'm sure there are lots, any inaccuracy or inappropriate parts. Please take it as a light-hearted attempt of an indiscreet SRK fan.

Here comes "The Life Story of Shah Rukh Khan #1" …

Meer Taj Mohammad Khan, Shah Rukh's father was a beautiful man with tall slim figure, fair skin and bright eyes. He was born in 1928 as the sixth child in a Pathan family who lived near the Qissa Khawani Bazaar(Story teller's Bazaar) in Peshawar. Peshawar was a part of the Indian Empire and ruled by the British Government back then. Meer joined the independent movement from very young age following his brothers. But the family decided to send Meer to Delhi for further study in order to get the Lawyer's certificate. Meer was 18 years old.

Next year, in 1947, the independent movement succeeded but those who wished to establish a Muslim country separated from India was determined and they created Pakistan against the wish of Gandhi and Nehru.

At the border, there were two long long processions of people crossing each other. One was Hindus heading India from Pakistan and the other was Muslims heading Pakistan from India. They left home leaving everything behind.

Peshawar is in Pakistan side and Meer's family was Muslim. However, they were persecuted by the new government because they acted against separation until last minute. Meer's eldest brother was imprisoned for seven long years since the separation. Meer's name was also on the black list and he was refused to enter Pakistan at the border. Then the India Pakistan war had started and Meer Taj lost his home town at the age of 19.

《To be continued》

タグ:Parents Meer Taj

(2) Shah Rukh Khan Story [Shah Rukh Khan Story]

Muslims remained in India were then having hard time with the Hindu fundamentalists attacking them. Meer studying in Delhi was also in danger. His classmates slept around him in a circle to protect him in the dormitory.

Meer attained his lawyer's degree when he was 21 but he never became a lawyer. Nor he didn't become a politician even though he had many offers and actively worked as one of the freedom fighters.Meer was romantic dreamer and idealist, extremely honest person. He had a great sense of humor and was liked by many but rather introverted. Not quite relevant for lawyer or politician but for a poet. He failed in some businesses for he couldn't be tactfully diplomatic or act smart.

When he was around 25, he headed for Mumbai to become an actor just like his own son. The legendary film Mughal-E-Azam was in production and he took audition of a role. When Meer was working in the politics, there were many ladies came to join his political group attracted to Meer's charm. But he couldn't get the role and he was informed to stand in the line of junior artists, extras. I guess he was too proud to either ask for the support from his powerful politician friends or successful actors from his hometown such as Dilip Kumar. He could not settle for a junior artist and strive. He eventually got sick and returned to Delhi one year later.

One day when he was 29, he saw a terrible car accident while walking near the Indian Gate with his friend. The driver crawled out and fled away from the rolled over car. Meer and his friend Major General Shah Nawaz Khan rescued women from the ruined car. One of them was 16 year old Latif Fatima Begum who had burning eyes of passion and charming dimples.

《To be continued》

(3) Shah Rukh Khan Story [Shah Rukh Khan Story]

The love story of SRK's parents sounds almost too dramatic to believe. More dramatic than some novels or Bollywood films. It could be exaggerated for Meer is from "The Story Teller's Lane" in Peshawar. Anyway, this is the believed story of their courtship.
Meer fell in love with Fatima at first sight. Rescued Fatima was severely injured and she was admitted to a hospital right away. She needed blood transmission. As a matter of course, Meer's blood type matched hers and he donated his blood. Surprisingly, Fatima's mother then pregnant with her fifth child miscarried the baby due to the shock she got from her daughter's accident. Meer very generously donated his blood to her as well.

Lateef Fatima Begum was a daughter of a middle class engineer's family in Bangalore. She had Begum in her maiden name which allegedly represents a Muslim female with higher social status. Her family was apparently wealthy. She was in Delhi for extended education but she was already engaged then. Her fiance was a cricketer, Abbas Ali Baig. Their engagement might have been arranged by both families for Begum and Baig makes balanced pair.

On the other hand, Meer had no family, no money neither proper job. Fatima's parent was bewildered to hear the proposal from the man who rescued two members of the family. They even murmured "Since he donated his blood to Fatima, he and Fatima became a brother and a sister, so you'd better not marry."

However, Fatima already had started to love this romantic tall man with gray eyes Her will was strong enough to convince their parents and relatives. They were finally granted to marry. Fatima became a step daughter of General Shah Nawaz Khan who was with Meer on the day of the accident. It may have been done in order to level their family status I assume. Anyway, they were finally married. Fatima was 19, Meer was 30. Meer blushed like a bride as some of the guests remembers.

《to be continued》

(4) Shah Rukh Khan Story [Shah Rukh Khan Story]


Meer and Fatima were as different as night and day. Meer was tall, fair and calm. Fatima was small and plump, as lively as a morning bird. According to SRK they were like following.
"My mother would walk into a party, fight, talk or joke and become the center of attention. My father on the other hand, would sits in a corner, do his bit and go."

What's interesting is that we can clearly see the both qualities in their son.

Well, Meer and Fatima finally could marry but their financial situation was rather weak. He then had a transportation company but he was too honest to sustain the business successfully. He tried several different jobs and sometimes made small success but generally speaking, he was a better poet than a businessman. Fatima took substantial part for the financial stability of the family. Fatima used describe Meer as "Honest Failure" for he maintained his honesty no matter how badly betrayed. But SRK described him as "Successful Failure" for he could spend much time with children and taught valuable lessons.

1960, their first child Shehnaz Lala Rukh was born. And on the second of November 1965, our hero Shah Rukh was born. "Noble cheek of red flower", "Face of the King" were the meaning of their names. The names were allegedly from the horses Meer loved when he was in Peshawar but this could be another fantasy of our tall and handsome story teller.

Shah Rukh's birth was not easy. He had umbilical cord tangled around his neck. It could have been fatal or have led to functional disability but he finally came out without any harm. The nurse said "He must be blessed by Hanumanji."


《to be continued》

(5) Shah Rukh Khan Story [Shah Rukh Khan Story]


As shown above, baby Shah Rukh was so adorable. He was very lively and naughty but same time, he could spend hours playing his toy piano by himself. One day when he was about three years old, he had been well behaved so Fatima went out for chore. Then a poison snake came into the room. Rajendra Nagar, where they lived then was jungle and residence still mixed and it wasn't unusual for snakes to come into the houses. When Fatima came home, she found Shah Rukh spilling milk around him to avoid the snake to get closer.

He had series of accidents and diseases. He harmed his back muscle, had malaria, and was frequently bitten by dogs. If I was his mother, I would have been so anxious and stressed to protect his safety. He did pranks and some dangerous experiments like melting Fatima's bangles. At bed time, Meer told him stories. Most of the stories were not fantasy but the true stories of strong willed freedom fighters he knew.

They spent some summers at luxurious house of Fatima's parents' in Bangalore. Though Meer did not join. Shah Rukh sang and danced to the tunes there. Aunts who were watching predicted correctly. "He will be such a lady killer."

6  Grand Father Iftikhar Ahmed with SRK, Lala Rukh and cousin Tasneem Fatima.jpg

Shah Rukh has been maintaining great love and respect towards women since his childhood. His oldest memory is of himself sitting on the fence blowing kisses to the pretty girls passing by. "Hey, sweetheart!"

One day, a girl of 17 to 18 years old came to their house and complained to Meer.

"Your son blows kisses to me."

Meer naturally thought she was confusing with a teenage boy living next door.

"My son is only a small child, dear. You must be coming to a wrong house."

Then Shah Rukh, who had just finished taking a bath came. As soon as he saw the girl, he blew a kiss saying
"Hey, sweetheart!"

You can imagine how Meer was astonished.

No wonder SRK blows kisses so well and always refer to the women as "sweetheart" or "darling" affectionately. No matter If she was an actress, a fan or a staff at a fast food shop.

Another day, an angry looking middle aged woman came.

"Your son whistles and troubles my daughter when she walks by"

Meer responded.
"If your daughter was as attractive as her mother, I wouldn't blame on my son."

The lady withdrew smiling.
I'm 100% sure SRK took over his father's wit at fullest.

《to be continued》

(6) Shah Rukh Khan Story [Shah Rukh Khan Story]


Shah Rukh had a happy childhood in Delhi. He was an exceptionally bright, active child and deeply loved by his parents. Although they didn't have much of material luxury, he imbibed honesty, courtesy and Intelligent humour from his father, affection, passion and value of hard work from his mother. Meer was running a cafe and petrol station at some point. He was fluent in six different languages such as English, Pushtu, Hindi, Urdu and could speak to the customers in their mother tongue. The cafe business brought humble success thanks to his talent and knowledge.

Meer and Fatima had difference in how they perceive material luxury. However, they both loved children, helped others and treated friends with abundance. They often had feast of Hyderabad and Peshawar dishes abrim on the table. Shah Rukh was fed by Fatima's fingers mixing food and brought to mouth until quite grown up. He was absolutely doted on.

Their religious education was not very strict. They didn't force him five times of Namaaz but the value of Islam was thoroughly conveyed. "Islam means Tolerance" Meer often said. He introduced vast Islamic culture to SRK. Among which was Urdu poems. Meer recited many of great Islamic poets to his son. It led Shah Rukh to write his own poems from early age.

One of his poem goes...

Parinde udthe hain main dekhta hoon
Log chalte hain main dekhta hoon
Apne huliye ko dekh kar main rota hoon
Kise kya malum main kin sapnon main khota hoon

I watch as the birds fly
I watch as the people walk
I watch myself and cry
Who knows what dream I myself lose

Shah Rukh's poems pleased Meer and he wrote down all of his son's work in a small notebook. Shah Rukh still treasures this notebook with him.

SRK also took part in Ram Leela when he was a child. He acted a monkey soldier of Hanuman. The play extended to 2 or 3 in the morning but his parents allowed it and Shah Rukh had a great time catching bananas acting monkey. He also did some mimic show and poem reading. He even got paid 500 rupees. It was the first paid performance of his career as an actor.


Shah Rukh started to attend St. Columba's, the all boy school run by Irish brothers. The lessons were taught in English and there was subjects like Christian theology. So Shah Rukh learned Islam from his parents, Hindu culture in the neighborhood and Christianity from the school. It was Meer's intention. He told Shah Rukh "you should learn many different religions in many different languages. It will make you respect other religion and also make you proudly Islamic."
《to be continued》

(7) Shah Rukh Khan Story [Shah Rukh Khan Story]

shah rukh father mother sister.jpg

Meer's upbringing was totally spiritual. Even though they were not quite poor, he never bought SRK toys or took him to a Zoo. Instead, he took Shah Rukh to a round-about of the road and let him watch cars.

We will sit here. Just watch the cars passing by. If you see it the way I see it, it's very enjoyable.

One day he gave a 5 paisa coin to little Shah Rukh and let him ride on a crowded bus.

Don't be afraid. Just get off at the 10th stop and wait for me.

How thrilling it was for little SRK. He learnt from Meer how to enjoy the simple daily matters and chores with altered status of mindfulness. And how to observe things thoroughly. I believe it affected to his acting skills.

His mimicry talent is reputable and it owes to his observation skill. He unconsciously mimics the people around him superbly when he refers to what they say. We can see Amitabh Bachchan, Yash Chopra, Karan Johar, his father or mother through him like a medium. He could observe the common people closely at the quiz show KBC and it contributed a lot to his acting of Suri in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

Meer also said that...

If you always look at salts and peppers, how can you conceive the idea like going to the Moon.

Shah Rukh and Meer was a good team. Early in the morning, Meer used warm some milk for Shah Rukh. He stopped from some point and instead they started to take a walk to the milk stand and SRK drank milk from the tap.

In the evening, as soon as the dog they kept started to bark, Shah Rukh rushed out. He ran to the corner to see the tall silhouette of Meer coming back. He snatched father's bag and they walked home together.

How he wished to become like his calm, gentle and humorous father.

Fatima's upbringing was much more practical. One day when SRK was in the first grade, he had a terrible grade on Hindi. Fatima said,

If you get a full mark, I'll take you to see a movie.

SRK was not keen to study Hindi for he thought English was much more cooler than his mother tongue as a child. But Fatima's word set fire on his competitive spirit and he started to work hard on the subject. Consequently he not only got full marks but later was honored for the excellency in Hindi.

The first cinema little Shah Rukh saw at a theater on Fatima's purse was "Joshila". It's an early work of Mr.Yash Chopra who would direct numbers of legendary films with SRK later.


《to be continued》

(8) Shah Rukh Khan Story [Shah Rukh Khan Story]


Feeling thrilled in the queue for tickets, dark theater, squeaky chairs and big screen. Movie theater completely fascinated Shah Rukh. His idols were Mumtaz and Saira Banu. He danced with swiveling hips to the tunes of their films from the All India Radio which was the only radio station back then.

I like Saira in the "Bhai Batur" number from "Padosan". I would get into a bathtub and perform that song.

I loved Mumtazji in the film "Brahmachari".

Shah Rukh's mimic was popular even at school. He performed Raj Kapoor at a school function upon the request of teachers. He performed drama on his balcony with friends using Fatima's sheets as curtains. He wrote, acted and directed the play there.

When he grew up a little more, he was enchanted by Amitabh Bachchan. There were long struggling disputes in Indian politics when SRK was a child. India had war with Pakistan and the dispute lingered for years and years. There were food shortages and severe poverty. Anti government movement escalated and from 1975 to 77, India imposed a state of emergency nationwide. Fatima supported President Gandhi and she attended several rallies.

Under such circumstance, Bachchan's "Angry Youngman" figure dominated from 70s to early 80s. Shah Rukh, sister Shehnaz and her class mate Amrita Singh who would become a Bollywood actress later fled to cinema halls after school. They sat on the cheapest front row which cost 1 rupee 75 paisa and watched Amitabh films. After the movie, they go to Amrita's house and talked about the film, mimicked Bachchan's lines.


Shah Rukh wanted to be like Amitabh and copied his panther-like walk and cool talks, while Amrita wanted to romance with him. These are just normal teenage dreams but what's special about Shah Rukh and Amrita is that they actually fulfilled these dreams.
タグ:Classic Amitabh

(9) Shah Rukh Khan Story [Shah Rukh Khan Story]

Meer had been long denied for Pakistan entry because he used be acting against the separation. He could not go home dacades. When his sister died and when his favorite brother who had a nickname "Brhamachari" died he applied for visa but rejected.

Brhamachari is one of four vedic periods of life and it's the phase from adolescence to pre-marriage period. The Brhamachari in Meer's family did nod marry for life. He sang, mimic and dance sometimes even in drag. His unique personality stood out in his Pathan family members. Meer and relatives thought SRK took over his genes.

Past mid 70s, Meer's plead of coming home before all the family would be gone was finally granted. He'd finally got the Pakistani Visa. 1978, Meer went back to the hometown tracing the road he walked over 30 years ago., this time by train and with his 12 year old son. They went to Amritsar first and then to Attari, a small border town. They walked the no-man's land to Wagha in Pakistan to enter. It was the only route to cross the border at that point of time. By the way, this border is now famous for the elaborated daily closing ceremony by the both armies.

Qissa Khawani Bazaar, Peshawar, Pakistan.jpg

Qissa Khawani Bazaar

Shah Rukh was warmly welcomed by the relatives in Peshawar. Generations of relatives were living together in a Haveli, residence including cousins in Shah Rukh's generation. He had good time frolic around like singing and dancing wearing Kajal and flowers. Female cousins hid themselves when they go out but in the Haveli they emerged their beautiful fair skinned faces with make up. Shah Rukh wen to bazaar, Kyber Pass or Kabul in Afghanistan for excursion with relatives. They spent one enjoyable month with their Pathan relatives.


Kyber Pass

Two years later, Meer and Shah Rukh visited Peshawar again. Long dusty local train ride, staying at uncomfortable hotels without reservation, trip with Meer was far from luxury. Besides, the second visit was not as carefree and delightful as last time. Relatives in Peshawar made Meer come to sign the contract stating his abandonment of the family assets. Shah Rukh noticed his father had been unusually grim but didn't know why until someone told him later. After decades of longing home, Meer was claimed to separate from his own family.

Cousins in Peshawar are proud of SRK now and some of them name their child after him. SRK treats them well when they see each other. He often comments his father is from Peshawar and he is half Pathan proudly. However, he has never visited Peshawar since the last time he went with Meer.

Coming back to Delhi brought back the daily routine. One day, Meer came home and said.

"Yaara, doctor saab kah raha hai mujhe cancer hai"

《to be continued》

《appendix: see 0:50》

(10) Shah Rukh Khan Story [Shah Rukh Khan Story]

"Friends, doctor says I have cancer."

I knew what cancer was. I'd heard of people die from cancer. I just never had related the disease with myself or my family. I couldn't possibly think of cancer with my father. People never really think of things until it actually happens to them.

A persistent and annoying blister on the tongue took Meer to a doctor. There he was diagnosed for cancer. Advanced and malignant. It was some weeks after they came back from Peshawar. The blister worsen and badly suffered Meer. It caused horrible pain and frequent bleeding from the mouth. Meer became unable to eat. Then eventually unable to talk. He communicated by writing notes.

Meer was hospitalized. He was in a common room with three other patients. Shah Rukh often visited him. Shehnaz could hardly visited for she was in a dormitory of Lady Shri Ram Collage. Shehnaz was 20 years old and adored her father more than anything in the world. She inherited his fair skin, gray eyes and slender figure. She was also as dreamy as Meer. For Shah Rukh and Shehnaz, Meer was literally someone to look up to. They never had a slightest doubt about his victory over the illness.

When Shah Rukh opened the door, Meer's eyes caught his. While he lost his voice, his eyes were so talkative. His rolling eyes were saying,
"Hi son! Well, it's hard. But I'm bearing up somehow".

Sometimes, one of the four beds was empty. It meant the patient finally lost his battle with illness and left the physical body behind. It frightened Shah Rukh to death when he saw Meer's bed was empty, but it was when Meer was taken to the chemo therapy. He never lost his hair from the therapy like other people.

Treatment cost them fortune. Meer needed over 10 injections a month and each injection cost 5000 rupees. Fatima worked hard round the clock to earn the money. She worked as a local magistrate during the day, and as a co-owner of a restaurant at night.

In spite of her effort, Meer's strong Pathan body gradually perished as the days go by. It took six months to completely conquer him. He became weak and thin as a skeleton. He couldn't pick up a pen to write notes anymore. He then gestured to tell people what he needed. Shah Rukh also gestured back. Their sad silent game continued in the quiet room in the hospital.

Shah Rukh's hope did not die despite the obviously critical condition of Meer. He thought that Meer could create miracle for he was a real superhero to him. In fact, Meer did show a sign of recovery and he was allowed to visit home shortly. Meer went home and shaved after a long time. He even ate some icecream and made Shah Rukh relieved.

Meer went back to the hospital next day. By then, his battle and medication in the hospital had become a daily routine for Shah Rukh. He didn't visit hospital on the day Meer went back.

After the midnight, a phone call awoke Fatima. It was from the hospital. It was telling Meer's death. Fatima woke Shah Rukh up saying,
"Come on, daddy wants to see us."

Meer was laid in the middle of the morgue. His body was already cold as ice. Shah Rukh rubbed his feet vigorously wanting to bring the warmth back. Eyes without gentle teasing light, a drop of blood from the ear... Shah Rukh marked the details of Meer's final presence in his memory forever.

The day broke and they had to go home for now. Driver had already gone leaving their Fiat parked. Shah Rukh naturally sat behind the wheel and let Fatima get in and drove off. After a while, Fatima said, as if she had just noticed
"Since when have you known how to drive?".
Shah Rukh answered,
"Just now."

Shah Rukh Khan, 14 years and ten months old. Amidst of the adolescence. It was too heavy for a rite of passage.


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